• Stats need to be enabled for a URL by either logging in or check marking "Log stats for this URL" when you create it.
Charts will not display for clicks prior to 6/8/15 due to a change in our stats collection and storage system. They are useful in showing long-term patterns and trends.
• "total clicks / unique visits" is realtime, raw data - regardless of source.
• Total clicks = all visitors, regardless of source.
• Unique clicks = all unique visitors.
• Return clicks = total visits minus uniques.
• Charts give a different report, and will unfortunately not match with "total clicks" because...
• Charts only track visitors that: are not Bots, enable JavaScript, allow Cookies, and stay at least until page fully loads.
• Charts reporting delay = usually about 5 min, but can be up to 24 hrs.
• Links with > 1000 clicks will have higher precision, and number of clicks affect whether charts are missing or not. More traffic means more consistent data, but regardless of having 1,000+ clicks, charts may still be missing or hit and miss.
• Charts rely on data sampling techniques which are statistical estimates Data sampling rarely has an impact on the insights you get from the analytics. For example, charts are indicating conversion rates are lower for Android users than iOS users. Then the basic results (conversion rates are significantly lower on Android) holds true regardless of sampling.
If you need a higher level of click reporting try our subscription service at

Click Statistics

The ratio of unique to return visitors helps you figure out interest level or stickiness of your page content.
• New clicks is a feature used within the account and is similar to "New mail" in your email account. Indicating which URLs had traffic since you last logged out of your account or closed browser. Refreshing page will show most recent accumulated in New clicks category. New clicks is also an option in (Sort by: drop down box) at the top of your account manage page.

Social Media Traffic

Are you getting many clicks immediately after posting to a social media site? Bots are often programmed to hit links as soon as they post to certain sites. What you are experiencing in this case are twitter bot and various other social media analysis engines crawling and collecting content data on your link.

Country Codes

Having trouble translating 2-letter geocodes that are used with our traffic filter feature? Here is a geocode decode.

QR Codes

tinyurl QR codes
QR (quick response)Code uses include traditional offline publications such as newspapers and magazines; making them more interactive by integrating hyperlinks and other internet resources into articles. Ads, coupons and affiliate links can be integrated as well. Marketing uses include business cards (you can order business cards with your QR-code on the backside), T-shirts, product packing, signs, etc. TIP: Print your code on printable sticker paper for more options and versatility. Uses and locations for these are nearly unlimited.

QR codes can be made with different error correction levels (L, M, Q, H). Use L when you want a simple, lower DPI QR - or to fit a small area such as on a business card. For customizing purposes use a higer error correction level such as H (30% can be lost or damaged) or Q (25% can be lost or damaged). By adding a logo or text to the center of the QR code you are basically damaging it and relying on the redundancy of this error correction to compensate and make it function. Customizing can be a trial and error process. If you have gone too far with your art work, the QR will stop functioning! To customize, download the QR then insert your image or text using Photoshop - similar to the example below: